Kingston Musicians is having a membership drive!

Yes that means that there will be great savings on joining up with the the world’s largest entertainment union of professional ¬†musicians. Over 80,000 strong, we perform all styles of music- rock, Latin, classical, gospel, jazz, blues, country, folk, big band, reggae,- avant-garde or traditional, sacred or secular. we perform and record the music the world wants to hear.

As an AFM member there are many services available that have been tailored to meet the needs of the working musician. Whether you are a travelling musician, a symphony player, a freelance musician, an educator, in need of instrument insurance, pension, even a credit card, looking to collect royalties, contracts, a booking agent, electronic media services, or immigration services, we have it all covered!

Our own Canadian office offers specialized services and help for Canadians, there is the Film Musicians Secondary markets Fund, Sound Recording Special payments Fund, Emergency Travel Assistance program and as a member of the American and Canadian Federation of Musicians you are among an elite membership of musicians that include members like Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, Dave Grohl, The Tragically Hip, The Mahones, Serena Ryder (KMU 518), Yo-Yo Ma, Bruce Springsteen, the advantages are too great to miss out! Contact our office or come out and meet us in person at the Kingston Ontario Music Conference October 22nd at Portsmouth Harbour. There you can talk to experts from the Kingston and Canadian office, MROC and others from the music business.

It’s a great time to be a member! Join today!