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Audition: Piano Player, Ambient Music, Keene ON.

Employment opportunity

Date of Posting: July 2, 2024.

Position begins July 14, 2024.

Piano player wanted to play ambient pop, jazz and/or classical music on a provided grand piano during Sunday Brunch, 10 am-2 pm at a resort near Keene, Ontario. This will develop into a steady weekly position for the right candidate.

This position is under an AFM Contract that is 4 hours in length with scheduled breaks. Compensation is $180 plus 8% pension and 3% work dues, rounding up to $200 per performance. HST added if musician holds an HST number.

Employer will be auditioning for the position and may use trial contracts at the above compensation until a final decision is made. Runner-ups may have opportunities to be on the call list as a substitute.

Audition requirements, as explained by the employer:

“A 15 minute sample of music, ideally featuring some recognizable themes such as famous pop songs (in the past Blue Moon, and Hallelujah have been very well received) or well- known soundtrack melodies, especially anything from the Disney canon (we are a very family-oriented establishment, and the previous performer has really lit up the room with a well-timed nod to a famous Disney theme).”

Audition Dates:

Saturday July 6: 9am – 2pm.

Sunday July 7: 8am – 9am.

Tuesday July 9: 12pm – 3pm

Call or e-mail Sean Hully at the Peterborough Office to book an audition. 

705 775-4246