Vacant Positions

“ Teach children the beauty of music, and music will teach them the beauty of
life. ”
– Jose Antonio Abreu
There are few opportunities as meaningful and rewarding as teaching, mentoring and
supporting children from under-served areas. Children, who otherwise would never have an
opportunity to play a musical instrument.
Sistema Kingston is an intensive after school program that focuses on positive social
change through the pursuit of musical excellence. Ensemble-based music instruction, healthy
food and a positive social environment are offered at no cost to children from challenged
Sistema Kingston is an initiative of Queen ’ s Community Music in collaboration with the
Limestone District School Board and The Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument
Lending Library (Joe ’ s M.I.L.L.). Using the Venezuelan El Sistema as its model, Sistema
Kingston emphasizes inclusivity and teamwork, builds personal persistence, and fosters
creativity and personal responsibility in all of its activities. Sistema Kingston embraces the
five principles of El Sistema :
● Social Change – social transformation through the pursuit of musical
excellence. One happens through the other and neither is prioritized at the
expense of the other.
● Ensembles – the focus is on the group experience (orchestral/choral) and
working toward a common goal. Peer mentoring is integral to the experience.
● Frequency – ensembles meet several times every week for multiple hours at a
time over extended periods.
● Accessibility – programs are free and inclusive to all.
● Connectivity – programs foster connectivity between students, teachers,
families and organizations to build stronger communities. Programs are linked at
the community, regional and national levels, forming a cohesive network of
services, resource sharing collaborative opportunities and advocacy in support
of each other.
Sistema Kingston was launched in 2015 in North Kingston. 2017-18 will see the addition of
another 20 students in grades 2-3. Sistema Kingston is seeking a qualified and motivated cellist
who can provide quality cello instruction while embracing the spirit of the program with
enthusiasm, and learn from and adapt to challenges that arise.
• Sistema Kingston Teaching Artist
• Queen ’ s Community Music
• Ms. Karma Tomm, Director of Queen ’ s Community Music and Program Director of
Sistema Kingston
• Lead cello sectionals with a focus on the development of proper cello technique.
• Work collectively with the Sistema Kingston team to reinforce proper cello technique
in all other music activities.
• Support the Sistema Kingston team with onsite responsibilities, both musical and
• Molly Brant Public School, 30 Lyons St. Kingston ON
• Hourly. Rate commensurate with experience.
• On site two afternoons/week 2:30-5:30 pm (either M/W or T/Th, TBD), 25 instructional
weeks: October 2017 – May 2018
• Training (4 x 2.5 hours, September 2017 dates TBA)
• Program preparation 2 weeks prior to start of program
• Regular staff meetings on Friday mornings
• Participation in performances which may or may not be on assigned teaching days
• Demonstrated performance proficiency on Cello
• Teaching experience on Cello
• Knowledge of beginner string pedagogy and materials; beginner technique
• RCM Advanced Rudiments Certificate or demonstrated knowledge of music theory
• Work experience with groups of children
• Excellent verbal communication skills
• Physically able to move furniture for set up and take down, and negotiate stairs
• Valid CPIC certificate with Vulnerable Sector Screening
● Knowledge of: Child Development; The North Kingston Community; Issues related to
● Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education degree
● Availability for full program hours (M-Th 2:30-5:30)
● First Aid and CPR training
● Health and Safety Certificate
Teaching Artists will provide group-based instrumental instruction, while embracing the vision
and mission of Sistema Kingston . Duties include:
● Teaching beginner cello technique (posture, positioning, instrument care, etc.)
● Reinforcing skills introduced in large ensemble (ear training, rhythm, note learning,
etc) in language consistent with other Sistema Kingston staff.
● Participating in paper instrument project as needed
● Implementing lesson plans developed in collaboration with the Sistema Kingston staff.
● Teaching, mentoring and supervising students in musical and non-musical contexts
during all Sistema Kingston program hours and performances.
● Participation in regular Sistema Kingston team meetings
● Communication with the Sistema Kingston Coordinator regarding onsite duties
● Supporting and incorporating volunteer involvement with cello class
● Ensuring the safety of all instruments at the end of each day
● Overseeing the setup and takedown of the space in preparation of the program
● Positive interactions with all families
● Modelling the principles and philosophy of Sistema Kingston in all activities
● Demonstrating the highest standard of professionalism at all times while interacting
with the children in a kind, respectful and compassionate manner.
● Using own instrument for the purpose of instruction and to play with students
throughout lessons.
● participating in Sistema Kingston concerts/events as appropriate
● Teaching Artists will be employed by Queen ’ s Community Music at Queen ’ s
University on a Casual Staff contract.
● Hourly rate of pay will include vacation pay, and is subject to statutory deductions.
● Payment will be made on a bi-weekly basis by direct deposit, following the
submission of accurate time-sheet reporting each pay period.
● Any and all materials belonging to Sistema Kingston (including copies of any
documents containing confidential or proprietary information) will be returned
promptly upon the employee ’ s resignation or termination, or upon request.
● Either the employee or Sistema Kingston may terminate this agreement with 3 weeks
notice without prejudice. As a contracted worker, the employee is not entitled to
severance pay. Termination for just cause will be without notice.
● If any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, all remaining parts of
this agreement will nevertheless remain in full effect.
● The Teaching Artist will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed the
Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management, Confidentiality and Social Media Policies
as well as the Crisis Intervention and Security Policies, by signing the appropriate
waivers. The Teaching Artist will be responsible for adhering to all of the
aforementioned Policies and Procedures.
● All teaching materials, lesson plans and instructional materials developed while an
employee of Sistema Kingston will not be considered proprietary; as such they can be
reused or modified by both the employee and Sistema Kingston at any time in the
If you believe you are qualified in terms of education and experience as well as temperament
and personality, please submit electronically:
• a cover letter which addresses why are you interested in working at Sistema Kingston
• a resume which includes work and volunteer experience
• 2 letters of reference
Karma Tomm, Director, Queen’s Community Music and Sistema Kingston
Telephone inquiries: 613-533-6000 x 79069
Deadline for application: Monday July 31, 2017.
Applications will be reviewed as they are received.
We appreciate and thank you for your interest in Sistema Kingston.